• Stops wobble of most 4 footed pedestal tables.


  • Wait staff or client can operate, simply and hygienically.


  • Solves the problems caused by uneven floor surfaces.


  • Easy installation done in minutes.


  • Full 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Improved Comfort - no standing on table feet to steady tables.


  • No need to ask wait staff for assistance or another table.


  • Allows your client to enjoy the cuisine and atmosphere you've created for them rather than being concerned or annoyed by a wobbling table.


  • Reduces spillages and the need for replacement beverages and/or meals.


  • Reduces time spent by staff fielding complaints and/or adjusting or readjusting tables.


  • Encourage repeat business by improving your client's experience.


  • More cost effective than replacing tables.


  • More cost effective than so-called self-leveling tables which eventually will cease to work.
Table Kit
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